AEW’s Sammy Guevara Suspended Until Further Notice Due To Sasha Banks Controversy


Due to sexually explicit comments made by AEW’s Sammy Guevara about WWE’s Sasha Banks (real name Mercedes Varnado) four years ago on the Raw’s 4th Hour podcast, AEW has suspended Guevara without pay until further notice.

“AEW insists on doing our part to create a world understanding and respect for humankind,” AEW wrote in a statement. “We therefore strongly condemn the extremely offensive and hurtful words of Sammy Guevara. As such, effective immediately, Sammy is suspended without pay until further notice.”

AEW added that Guevara will be undergoing sensitivity training and then, upon completion, his future status within the company will be re-evaluated. His salary, in the meantime, will be donated to the Women’s Center of Jacksonville.

Earlier today as the comments resurfaced, Sammy tweeted out an apology to Sasha stating that she’s an amazing person and didn’t deserve what he said.

Not long after, Banks replied about having an open dialog with Guevara saying that we have been told to hold ourselves accountable for our own actions and hope this teaches him that.

Guevara is the latest example of the SpeakOut movement that went through professional wrestling over the weekend, calling out performers across numerous companies, both independent and major. It has also led to a several firings and restructurings such as Jack Gallagher being fired from WWE. Progress Wrestling and NWA are both going through company-wide overhauls as well due to allegations involving management.



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