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It was never particularly easy to get to the gym — just think about how many of your gym memberships have gone to waste — but in the Age of Corona, it’s harder than ever. There are a lot of alternatives out there. You can run outdoors, buy an exercise bike, or do a high-intensity workout at home. But I’ve been trying a new workout option, and it’s transformed the way I exercise. BlazePod is a set of touch-sensitive, light-up pods that work in conjunction with an app to setup and score a huge number of high-intensity games and workouts. For the next week, you can get any BlazePod kit for 15% off when you apply discount code FATHER at checkout.

BlazePod offers a number of kits, but the one I’d recommend for most people is the Standard Kit, which includes four pods. Ordinarily $279, you can get the Standard BlazePod kit right now for $237 when you use code FATHER at checkout.

There are other kits available as well. For example, if you’re a professional coach, trainer or physical therapist, you might be more interested in the BlazePod Trainer Standard Kit, which is $340 with code FATHER at checkout.

BlazePod is kind of an unusual product, so I need to unpack this a bit. Each pod is a rugged, water-resistant, puck-sized gadget that can display any of eight different colors via the integrated bright RGB LED. They communicate with the BlazePod app, where you choose a game or workout from an enormous list of options. You can filter the results by the number of players, number of pods to use, type of exercise, and more. The pods themselves can be set on the ground or mounted on a wall or post (BlazePod includes suction cups and bands for a variety of mounting options).

Many of the games are variations on reaction exercises — you might need to run to a pad when it lights up and tap or step on it, or don boxing gloves and punch them, mounted on a heavy bag or wall. There are sprinting exercises and variations of push-ups and burpees in which you need to react to the lit pods. You can choose the “lateral hurdle jump” game in which you jump over low hurdles to reach a lit pod, tap it, and then jump to the next one. Some exercises need you to bring extra equipment, like boxing gloves, an exercise ball, or basketball. Others only require the pods and enthusiasm. And believe me when I say you won’t run out of exercises anytime soon; there are dozens and dozens in the app to choose from. Each one is customizable, too. 

Also, charging the pods is especially easy; they stack like a bunch of upside-down bowls, and sit on a charging pad, and they all charge up as a group in a couple of hours — so no matter how many you have, they charge all at once.

I am really digging BlazePod; not only is it a blast to react to the pods by slamming your hand (or knee or foot, depending upon the exercise) to register the hit and move on to the next pod, but the variety of games means you don’t get bored of it by doing the same thing every day. And while you might use it solo for now, when the pandemic is over, it’s perfect for group activities, team sports warmups, and 1-on-1 competitive workouts. 

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