Meek Mill Selling Truck Packed W/ TVs and Safes For $200,000 –

Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill is looking for a big payday. The hip-hop superstar went online this week to offer up one of his bulletproof trucks for a cool $200,000.

Meek x $200K

Mill went to his Twitter page this week to show off his decked-out vehicle. He also provided details on what it comes equipped with including safe boxes and TV.

“Forsale 200k💰 … 3 boxes with safes in them… sirens…lights …bulletproof…level 6 … partition tv with Xbox .. special custom make from execamor for me! No miles on it like 25 on it. We got 9 more left!!” -Meek Mill’s Twitter

High-Key Details

Heading into the weekend, Mill hit up Instagram to share some jaw-dropping airplane footage. In the clip, both sides of a plane are filming themselves and reciting the words to his “Dreams and Nightmares” anthem.

“Philly spirit airlines! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 they hated when y’all departed lol” -Meek Mill’s Instagram

Airplane channels Meek Mill

Wait, There’s More

This week, Meek Mill went to Twitter to pitch the idea of more black cops in black neighborhoods. Meek also spoke on the current law enforcement system reflecting slave movies.

“We need 50% blacks cops in the neighborhoods of blacks as a order! It’s hard to do because they gave us so many charges and felonies we not eligle … WE CAN HOUSE OUR OWNSELVES! You have racist people raging a silent war against us though law!!! … It’s like the slave mentality, hire a few blacks,don’t give them enough power and put them against their own.. like the old slave movies! I witnessed black cops stand silent while white cops beat me, more than once I kinda lost faith in them early #selfhate … Like 90% of the officers in my hood are white cops…. can a smart politician give me a honest answer why????? I wanna know the answer b4 I vote!” -Meek Mill’s Twitter

Meek Mill demands more black cops on streets

Before You Go

Earlier this week, Meek went online with a screenshot of a headline-generating story about Philadelphia getting rid of a racist city court supervisor. Meek Mill also said it was the same type of oppression he dealt with in his hometown.

“He prolly got 10k black kills on papers! This that oppression I got caught up in Philly! Supervisors not even getting supervised! “This the man that ripped BLM signs off the wall saying “black lives don’t matter to him”” -Meek Mill’s Instagram

Meek Mill exposes racism in Philly

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