A Recurring MCU Easter Egg Reveals Young Avengers Lineup

The Young Avengers introduction into the MCU has been long-awaited by fans, and a small clue may hint that the team will soon be arriving.

It has long been speculated whether the MCU will introduce the Young Avengers, and this small easter egg may partially reveal the lineup. Marvel’s Young Avengers historically consists of adolescent superheroes who have ties to the older group of world-renowned Avengers. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is only getting bigger with each passing year, and this recurring easter egg may hint at the franchise’s next generation of young heroes.

The MCU has already introduced some big names from the group, including Kid Loki and Wanda’s children Billy and Tommy, also known as Wiccan and Speed. Eli Bradley was also introduced in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, also known as Patriot in Marvel comics, and a member of the Young Avengers. There is one small detail that links some of these characters together.


According to one theory (via Reddit), a giraffe toy in the bedrooms of some MCU children holds the key to the Young Avengers on-screen lineup. It appears in the nursery in Wandavision, Morgan’s room in Avengers: Endgame, and in a young Kate Bishop’s room in Hawkeye. The giraffe first appeared in young Hope’s bedroom in Ant-Man and the Wasp, and as Hope indeed went on to become an Avenger, this could be a clue as to who fronts the next generation, or perhaps a clue into Cassie Lang’s superhero future. This coincidence has captured the imagination of Marvel fans, grouping them together by their one link to the Young Avengers.

Tommy and Billy played a huge role in Wanda’s narrative, the actress for Cassie Lang has been recast to a more notable name, perhaps to anticipate her long-term future as Stature, and Hawkeye set up a big future for Kate, as she got approval from Clint Barton himself. Also upcoming for the MCU is Ms Marvel’s series on Disney+, and her inclusion in the film The Marvels, as well as Miss America who is set to debut in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Both heroes are young, and so the giraffe toy could make another appearance in close conjunction with them when these projects are released. The MCU makes very deliberate decisions, from its scripting all the way to set design, thus this giraffe easter egg could truly be a hint to the lineup of something big like the Young Avengers.

With the original six disbanded, there is plenty of room for new, or even multiple Avengers teams. Further, the gradual inclusion and fore-fronting of the younger heroes of the MCU seem to point to the Young Avengers joining the ranks at some point. This, paired with the fact that the MCU is no stranger to Easter eggs and hidden details in its projects, could mean the unassuming giraffe toy tucked away in corners of a frame actually reveal a lineup.

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