Animal Crossing Helps Teach Kids About Museums During the Pandemic


An Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan has thanked the game for teaching their young child about museums in the two years since the pandemic started.

An Animal Crossing fan has thanked the game for helping to teach their child about museums during the pandemic. With the pandemic making it unsafe to be out in crowded spaces, many are finding that they get not just their entertainment but also some of their knowledge from video games. Even a game as mundane as Animal Crossing is proving to have educational benefits.

Animal Crossing, with its vast array of creation and discovery tools, offers gamers the opportunity to create and explore all kinds of different locales. While some have used this opportunity to recreate basic staples like a 7-Eleven, still others have made wildly inventive and fantastical structures and islands. For those just looking to relax and look at some art, though, the Animal Crossing museum, with its art wing and café expansions, offers the perfect place to do just that. As it turns out, that can also be informative, especially for those who haven’t visited many places in real life during the pandemic.


Destructoid reported on a post by user capn_queso on the Animal Crossing subreddit in which the poster described how Animal Crossing helped teach their child what museums are when the family is unable to visit them during the pandemic. According to the post, the daughter, when asked if she remembered visiting any museums, responded that she had in Animal Crossing. Adults might not be terribly fond of Blathers and his overreactions to everything, and they have likely seen much bigger museums, but for some kids, digital attractions might be all they’ve known since the pandemic began. For this user’s daughter, it appears that the in-game museum left quite a strong impression.

In reply to that post, other Reddit users have commented, talking about what Animal Crossing has taught them and their children. One poster said that their daughter now understands what loans are, and another mentioned how much knowledge about various bugs and fish they now have thanks to the game. All in all, it’s a pretty wholesome thread, with gamers coming together to thank Animal Crossing for providing much-needed entertainment and learning in a time when the pandemic can make it hard to safely find these things outside of one’s own’s home.

While Animal Crossing isn’t going to replace schools any time soon, this Reddit post is a testament to the fact that games can be more than just mindless fun. When ready to take a break from recreating iconic locations from video games or pop culture, Animal Crossing players can learn a little something about nature. Clearly Animal Crossing still has plenty to offer.

Source: Destructoid, capn_queso/Reddit

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