Jimbo Wants Pangina To Keep Blocking Critics

After her shocking elimination from RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs The World, Jimbo encourages Pangina Heals to continue to block online critics.

After her shocking elimination from RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs The World, Jimbo opened up about Pangina Heals’ choice to vote her out of the competition. While the Drag Race franchise may have begun in the US, the Emmy-winning series has since become a global sensation. With competitions now taking place in countries all over the world and numerous All-Stars seasons where the best queens from former seasons compete for a spot in the All-Star hall of fame. The first-ever international All-Stars competition, Drag Race UK vs. The World, features nine iconic queens across all franchises competing for the title of Queen of the World.


The talented queens selected to compete in Drag Race UK vs The World include US-based queens Mo Heart and Jujubee, Blu Hydrangea, Baga Chipz, and Cheryl Hole of Drag Race UK, Janey Jacké of Drag Race Holland. Pangina Heals, co-host of Drag Race Thailand, and Drag Race Canada queens Lemon and Jimbo. Like the All-Stars seasons, the judging panel takes a step back from elimination and allows the week’s best performer to eliminate one of the bottom queens. The first queens eliminated were Lemon by Pangina Heals, followed by Cheryl Hole, kicked off by Janey Jacké. Unfortunately for Drag Race Canada fans, the third eliminated queen was Jimbo after being in the top two for both previous episodes.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Jimbo opened up about how she’s processing her unexpected Drag Race elimination and Pangina Heals’ choice to eliminate her after a top performance streak. When asked if Jimbo felt she deserved the elimination, she revealed, “Oh my God, deserve is such a strange word, especially when it comes to my dreams being shattered. I don’t think anyone deserves that. But is that the way this cookie crumbles? …No, but I can buy another box of cookies.” When discussing if she wishes Jujubee was sent home instead, she said, “Well…yes I do…I wish that I was going to be winning and I wish that I was really the one receiving the crown, and the scepter, and all the special badges and all the accolades. I wish I was going to be Queen of the World, or whatever the title of this is, but instead, I’m just blessed.”

Jimbo was eliminated by Pangina Heals, resulting in a Twitter frenzy of criticism against the Thailand co-host who has resorted to blocking many online critics. Some fans are upset that Pangina Heals chose Jimbo rather than Jujubee, who was on the chopping block two out of the three weeks. Jimbo isn’t encouraging the online haters and fully supports Pangina Heals’ decision to block many of these internet trolls. “This life is too short and too small to really focus on the negative, so I’m glad that she’s just blocking because there are so many messages of love. I hope that all the fans that are sending horrible messages, I hope that they do better. I hope that people just have a snack, take a nap, and get back online when they are feeling a little bit less nasty, because we are all just trying our hardest.”

Like All-Stars seasons, eliminations might be strategically-based rather than performance-based for UK vs. The World. When competing queens have the power to eradicate stiff competition, fans are more likely to see top-performing queens pack their bags due to being a threat. Jimbo’s shocking early elimination seems to mirror this scenario as Pangina Heals might have chosen to keep Jujubee in the running to better her own chances. Regardless of the logic, RuPaul’s Drag Race fans will have to wait to see how Pangina Heals’ choice impacts the rest of her game. Luckily, Jimbo will be focusing on her blessings and looks forward to the next time she hits the Drag Race stage.

Source: Digital Spy

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