Kate McKinnon Tiger King Series Joe Vs. Carole Trailer Debuts

The full trailer for Peacock’s Tiger King series Joe Vs. Carole starring Kate McKinnon & John Cameron Mitchell shows off their extreme personalities.

The full trailer for Peacock’s Tiger King series Joe vs. Carole has debuted. The series is a scripted adaptation of the 2020 Wondery podcast “Joe Exotic: Tiger King” from Robert Moor, which traces the bitter battle between big cat enthusiast Carole Baskin and exotic animal lover Joe “Exotic” Schreibvogel. SNL star Kate McKinnon plays Baskin, while Hedwig and the Angry Inch‘s John Cameron Mitchell will play Joe Exotic. The series comes from showrunner/executive producer, Etan Frankel (Shameless, Animal Kingdom)

Baskin and Joe Exotic became household names when Netflix released their documentary series Tiger King in 2020, which quickly became the most-talked-about show on streaming. The series featured the real people involved in a war between ownership and exhibition of big cats, as Baskin attempts to take down Joe Exotic’s operation when he’s suspected of breeding and selling big cats for profit. Joe’s response is one of intense vitriol, as he launches into a full-blown and very public attempt to take Baskin down, eventually resorting to hiring a hitman to kill her, which never comes to pass. Eventually, Joe Exotic is sent to prison, where he currently remains, even recently being re-sentenced to 21 years.


Peacock has released the full trailer for Joe vs. Carole, which gives a stronger look at how the show will play out. Seemingly comedic and dramatic at once, Joe vs. Carole puts both McKinnon and Mitchell in a unique position to show off their acting talents on both levels, embodying these larger-than-life characters. The show is a separate, dramatized adaptation of the podcast and the documentary, which Frankel says will be “a fun and rich journey into the story of people who live very extreme lives.” Take a look at the full trailer below:

Joe vs. Carole also stars Kyle MacLachlan, Nat Wolff, William Fichtner, and Dean Winters, portraying some of the high-profile characters that have been seen and heard on both the podcast and documentary series. Frankel says he hopes that audiences will “…see these people that they thought they knew in a brand-new way.” Working with both McKinnon and Mitchell on the show, Frankel says that he knew it would take “two extraordinary actors” to pull off Baskin and Joe Exotic, saying, “It was an absolute thrill to watch these two exceptional actors morph into these roles.

It’s only been a few years since Netflix debuted Tiger King, and since then, the follow-up sequel series has also dropped, although with far less acclaim and interest than the original. As quickly as the Tiger King hype spread, it also seemed to dissipate just as fast. Nicolas Cage was slated to play Joe Exotic for a competing project at Amazon, but the streamer canceled the series before it ever took shape, notably because of the loss of interest in the material. Hopefully, audiences are still game to reinvest in the world of Tiger King, as the performances look to be worth the watch, but it’s entirely possible that viewers are tuned out at this point. Joe vs. Carole is set to debut on March 3 on Peacock, which will consist of eight, one-hour episodes.

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