Ludwig calls out NFT « scam » using the likeness of top Twitch stars


Ludwig Ahgren has put a new NFT “scam” on blast and threatened legal action after a ‘MetaDeckz’ trading card project used the likeness of top Twitch streamers in digital card packs without permission.

While non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can certainly be worth a pretty penny, many have been the direct cause of controversy in recent weeks. From Justin Bieber and Tony Hawk to Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson, no mainstream celebrity has been free of NFT-fueled backlash.

Acutely aware of how many NFT projects often involve “shady practices,” Ludwig was quick to expose the latest “scam” online.

After noticing a new MetaDeckz trading card NFT using his likeness alongside fellow streamers such as xQc and Amouranth to name a few, he issued a response to shut it all down.

“I am not making a f**king NFT,” he said in response to the issue. “I’ll let my lawyers take it from here.”

MetaDeckz, a relatively fresh project just established in November 2021, featured a range of hand-drawn NFT trading cards. Each of which took the appearance of top Twitch streamers, gave them a ranking like Epic or Legendary, and looked to raise their value online.

The minimum value was set to $200, according to Ludwig.

After receiving more attention than usual, the founder of MetaDeckz took to Twitter and assured that making money wasn’t his focus. “It’s just a new platform to get some eyes on your art,” he said.

“I’ve been an artist my whole life and I thought I could do some really cool trading cards, maybe do something cool for the community regarding NFTs.

“If we don’t sell any of them, that’s totally cool. I just wanted to do something cool with my art and streaming.”


MetaDeckz created NFT trading cards featuring the likes of Asmongold, Hasan, and many others.

Ludwig immediately slammed this response as a “dishonest twist”, going as far as to call it a “low-effort scam”. The popular streamer claimed this artist was merely interested in “trying to make a few thousand from [his] viewers and the viewers of other large streamers.

“Claiming this is for my community is insane,” he continued. “My community roasts NFT projects for their shady practices — your project being a prime example.”

Allegedly “never [getting] a response” after emailing the Twitch streamers in focus for their permission, the founder of MetaDeckz decided to “continue with the project”.

Refuting these claims, Ludwig fired back explaining how the artist “sent a Twitter DM less than 24 hours ago. It feels like you just reached out to cover your ass, rather than get permission.”

In light of the controversy, and with Ludwig passing the issue to his legal team, MetaDeckz was swiftly taken down on February 16.

“This project has been disbanded,” the Twitter biography now reads. The official MetaDeckz website has also been taken down.



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