Octane players at big disadvantage in Apex Legends as launch pads are totally broken


Octane’s Launch Pad is an essential part of the High-Speed Daredevil’s kit, but since the Season 12 update, the ability hasn’t been working as intended for everyone in Apex Legends.

The Defiance seasonal update has finally arrived in Apex Legends and it’s introduced a revamped Olympus map, Mad Maggie, and of course the 9v9 Control mode to the game.

However, despite all of these positive additions, Octane mains have been noticing a huge issue with their Launch Pad Ultimate since Season 12 went live.

For whatever reason, the ability will occasionally just not work, causing the daredevil to run past the pad as if it hadn’t been placed.

Of course, this is a significant bug, and with Octane currently sitting as the most popular Legend in the game, could this affect his pick rate?

Respawn Entertainment

Octane is the most popular Legend in the game with a 14.6% pick rate.

Octane bug makes Launch Pad Ultimate completely useless

As showcased by tEH_ReALDeadPoole on the ApexUniversity subreddit, once the Ultimate is placed down, sometimes Octane will just clip through the Launch Pad.

While some players have speculated it’s down to a specific location on Olympus, there are multiple clips of this happening on Kings Canyon as well.

Based on the comments from the community, it appears the bug has been happening frequently since the Season 12 update, so it must be tied to a change that came with Defiance.

Octane Pad Glitch! from apexuniversity

Despite tEH_ReALDeadPoole attempting to jump, slide, and run onto the pad multiple times, it is rendered completely useless by the bug.

With Octane being by far the most popular Legend in the game, this is definitely going to result in multiple players being killed which will lead to a lot of frustration.

Respawn needs to fix this glitch as quickly as possible, as it even has the potential to affect the daredevil’s pick rate if it remains a problem for multiple weeks.



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