Overwatch comic possibly reveals Zarya’s new OW2 redesign and players love it


Zarya’s new design for Overwatch 2 may have just been revealed in the latest issue of the Overwatch comic ‘New Blood,’ and fans are going crazy over it.

Overwatch 2 is redesigning many of the game’s iconic heroes, giving them brand new looks that are sleeker than their existing models.

Thus far, Baptiste, Sombra, Tracer, Genji, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, Reaper, Tracer, Reinhardt, Winston, and Lucio have been revealed, with more on the way.

In the latest reveal, Zarya’s design seems to have been shown off in chapter 4 of ‘New Blood,’ where Cassidy recruits new heroes to Overwatch in events leading to the events of the Zero Hour animated short.

Zarya from the New Blood comic issue from Overwatch

Zarya’s Overwatch 2 design revealed?

The off-tank’s new design gives the weightlifter a ponytail and winter coat, in keeping with her Russian hero theme. Meanwhile, the cover of the comic shows off her traditional attire and new pink finger nails.

She also seems to be a bit more trimmed down and less bulky than her previous incarnation from the original game.

Fans on Reddit voiced approval for this new look and can’t wait to see a full render of the design in the actual game at some point in the future.


Fans love Zarya’s new look.

“The ponytail really adds to her head-shape, and the fur would make her portrait look less ‘tube-like’ than the current ring she has around her neck,” one remarked.

“This better be the next Zarya skin or I riot,” another commented, with replies noting the design is likely for her Overwatch 2 look.

With an Overwatch 2 beta rumored to be coming later in February, it’s possible that fans won’t have long to wait until they see this new look in-game. Until then, this comic will have to suffice.

The next issue in the comic will be featuring the MEKA squad, so it’s possible that we end up seeing D.Va’s new look next, and players will definitely want to keep their eyes open for when that story drops.



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