Spider-Woman’s Carnage Redesign Proves She Was Born To Be a Symbiote


Spider-Woman’s recent turn to ultra-violence is complemented by her terrifying symbiote redesign for Carnage’s thirtieth anniversary.

A big milestone is coming up for Marvel’s fan-favorite symbiote Carnage, and Spider-Woman is getting a makeover to celebrate. Spider-Woman #21 will feature a variant cover that reveals the transformation. While it won’t be integrated into her current story, her new look proves it should be in the future.

Marvel’s symbiotes have always been popular, but recent events like King in Black and Extreme Carnage have revolutionized their lore and pushed them into the spotlight. Many of Marvel’s heroes have undergone symbiote makeovers, yielding incredible results, such as Miles Morales pairing with Venom in Dark Ages. However, not every hero could actually pull off a symbiote look long-term. Spider-Woman just might be able to.


To celebrate Carnage’s thirtieth anniversary, Marvel Comics has revealed numerous variant covers featuring symbiote redesigns of Marvel heroes under the heading Carnage Forever. Doctor Strange and Moon Knight both received the Carnage treatment. Also included among the covers is a symbiote version of Spider-Woman, which is rather terrifying – though very fitting in a few regards. The cover art comes from David Nakayama, who recently provided variant covers featuring the latest designs of Marvel’s Life Foundation symbiotes, as well as Marvel’s newest symbiote, for Extreme Carnage: Scream, Riot, Phage, Agony, and Lasher. This new redesign for Spider-Woman is incredible and she’d fit right in with them.

This cover art maintains Spider-Woman’s traditional costume color scheme and overall design. However, instead of a mask, her face has been altered, channeling her Carnage symbiote. Even her gloves have become integrated into her symbiote body, while additional symbiote tendrils lash out from her torso. Her hair has taken on elements similar to Scream and Agony’s, becoming wild and blended with highlights reflecting her color scheme. The variant cover design combines her traditional costume elements with symbiote flourishes, and it would be a shame if this design was never used officially within a comic. After all, a Spider-Woman symbiote could have some uniquely intriguing potential based on her recent adventures.

In her ongoing series, Spider-Woman recently faced challenges after dealing with a mysterious disease involving her past. She experienced elevated aggression, becoming more violent with her foes (and even allies) in battle. She has since returned to her usual hero life, though she has continued to demonstrate brutal aggressive in her battles and with her weapon choices, verging on behavior that would have gotten her kicked off the Avengers back when she was a card-carrying member.

If she was already susceptible to these changes in behavior and expression before, a symbiote like Carnage could definitely exploit any desire to operate even more aggressively. Additionally, Marvel’s arachnid heroes have a penchant for symbiote allies and symbiote suits at times, so it would be really intriguing to see her have her own official symbiote suit and persona. While only present as a variant cover currently, Marvel should definitely consider making this an official look for Spider-Woman sometime in the future. Symbiote fans can pick up this Carnage Forever variant when Spider-Woman #21 releases March 30.

Source: Marvel Comics

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