The 10 Most Heartwarming Quotes From The Office


The Office US kept audiences coming back for 9 seasons of the show which are still regularly aired and watched today, 9 years after it ended in 2013. The premise of the program is fairly simple, with the plot revolving around a paper merchant (Dunder Mifflin) and the lives of its employees.

The well-cast characters add depth and humor, with a smattering of absurdity along the way. As viewers learn of what makes each of them tick, there are many moments whereby a heartwarming scene or quote is delivered, making each character authentic and believable.


Pam’s Art

« I Am Really Proud Of You »

Pam had a real passion for art that was often overlooked to her then-fiance Roy. After she told everyone about an art show that her work would be featured in, she was hugely underwhelmed at the lack of support she had from her colleagues until Michael turned up and told her how proud he was of her.

Michael is known to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, but in this moment, he knew exactly what to say and it was so heartfelt. Those words were exactly what Pam needed to hear, probably without Michael even realizing it.

Tough Goodbyes

« I Think We Should Just Save The Goodbyes For Tomorrow At Lunch. And Then Tomorrow I Can Tell You What A Great Boss You Turned Out To Be. »

Michael was never a boss from hell, but he did have frustrating traits that employees like Jim chose to look past, because he wasn’t a bad person. After years of working together, Michael leaves to be with Holly, but Jim susses he’s leaving sooner than expected, because he didn’t want to say goodbye.

Upon this realization, Jim managed to say what he needed to and give Michael what he’d wanted for so long. All his ridiculous jokes and need to impress was just because he craved validation from his colleagues and that’s what Jim gave him. No matter how frustrating he could be as a boss, Jim gave him this moving moment, so Michael knew he had done a great job.

Michael Leaves

« He Wasn’t Sad, He Was Full Of Hope. »

As one of the best TV platonic duos, Pam missed out on getting to say goodbye to Michael at the office, so she raced to catch him at the airport and does it just in time. Just before he boards, she catches up with him and they have a beautiful moment together, without the cameras being able to hear what they say to each other.

Pam tells the cameras later on, that he was hopeful and not sad. This quote is so touching because it means that Michael had made the right choice. Even though saying goodbye was hard, he wasn’t regretting his decision, meaning that he’d chosen the right path for the next chapter in his life.

Dwight Comforts Pam

« Who Did This To You? Where Is He? »

Dwight can come across as being quite emotionally detached from those around him, which is why this scene and quote is so heartwarming. After he finds Pam sat on her own and crying, Dwight is immediately wanting to know why she’s in such a state and who is the cause of her pain.

While he doesn’t usually have a comforting word to say, seeing his friend hurt was too much for him to remain as his stoic self, as he let his hard exterior down to try and console his friend.

Erin’s Father Figure

« I Care If You Like Him. »

Erin grew up in foster care throughout her childhood and doesn’t necessarily have parental figures in her life that she can continually look up to. Unbeknownst to Michael, Erin actually sees him as a father figure, perhaps because so much of her adult life was spent in close proximity to him.

After she notices that he doesn’t like Gabe, she tells him that it matters. The quote is beautiful but emotional as Michael realizes what he means to her, so plays along with the moment as a father would. Both characters have a bouncy nature, so it was a welcome contrast to see the pair in a touching scene.

The Good Old Days

« I Wish There Was A Way To Know You Were In The Good Old Days, Before You’ve Actually Left Them. »

Andy is somewhat similar to Michael, in his unrelenting energy and unintentionally inappropriate comments. Therefore, this quote really packs a wholesome punch, because it contradicts his usual demeanor with calmness and deeper meaning. The finale of The Office US was always going to be emotional, as it was the end of an era.

Andy’s quote just added to the heartwarming episode, striking a chord with viewers with words that anyone could relate to. It’s even a lovely quote to remember in daily life, making sure people acknowledge the good times whilst they’re there.

Relationship Advice

« Never Ever Ever Give Up. »

Pam and Jim’s relationship in the earlier seasons of The Office US, would leave viewers wishing the 2 could get together because it was undeniably evident that they were meant for each other. The lingering promise of Roy marrying Pam eventually was to come to fruition, as the office boat party saw Roy announce that they should set a date, breaking Jim’s heart.

He confided in Michael shortly after, who told him he shouldn’t give up. The quote brings warmth to the upset because it provided Jim with hope. Michael picked the right moment to be encouraging to his friend and allow him to see that there could still be a chance if he really wants it.

Dwight’s Heartache

« It Is Something I Wouldn’t Wish On My Worst Enemy. And That Includes You. »

Dwight has a continuous on-off relationship with Angela, but it was plain to see for any viewer that they made a great couple, albeit in strange ways. After Dwight witnesses Angela agree to a date with Andy, he retreats to the staircase to let out his emotion.

Jim follows him and attempts to explain his similar situation with Pam. Although the quote is lightly humorous (because Jim is comparing Dwight to a worst enemy,) it is also heartening to hear Jim want to tell Dwight that he knows how he feels. He’s letting him know that he is willing to support him however he can, even though Dwight isn’t always the most receptive of people, proving that Jim would make a great friend.

Jim Finally Asks

« Then It’s A Date. »

After a few seasons of almost being able to become an item, the stars aligned and Jim and Pam were able to go on date. It always seemed as if the pair just couldn’t get the timing right, but finally Jim asks Pam on a date and the whole scene is delightful to watch.

His confidence to interrupt Pam’s interview makes his feelings abundantly clear because it was something he had to do. He checks if she’s free for dinner and then his confirming quote is a memorable moment, as the pair finally were at the same point in their lives. Something audiences couldn’t wait to see, watching the relationship develop into one of the most compatible in the series.

Creed’s Final Thoughts

« No Matter How You Get There Or Where You End Up, Human Beings Have This Miraculous Gift To Make That Place Home. »

In The Office US, Creed had truly weird moments that often went ignored, simply because it was Creed and that’s just the way he is. From not understanding anything that would happen to committing crimes, he is arguably the most bizarre character, with not a lot of dialogue.

The final episode saw him deliver his most thought provoking and heartwarming comment of the series. He sums up his feelings on working at Dunder Mifflin, making it known that he felt at home in his workplace, also implying that wherever anyone goes they’ll be okay, because people can make anywhere their home. For a character who wasn’t forthcoming with his thoughts, he really gave viewers an insight into how he felt.


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