Vanguard players demand return of Ship Haus playlist after baffling removal


Disgruntled Call of Duty: Vanguard players are calling on developers Sledgehammer Games to reinstate the popular Ship Haus playlist, questioning why it was ever removed in the first place. 

Despite the mixed reception of Call of Duty: Vanguard’s maps received from the player base, the response to the small and chaotic Das Haus has been largely positive. Many have compared it to the historically small multiplayer maps from the  CoD series praising its pace and design.

Das Haus has since been paired with the classic Modern Warfare map Shipment in a Ship Haus playlist, similar to the Shoot the Ship playlist that was immensely popular in MW 2019. Many players, though, have been left scratching their heads at its removal amid early February updates.


Shipment has featured in a number of CoD games.

Writing on Reddit, player ‘AdonisBeats‘ criticized the decision to remove it, asking why the devs would take a universally popular playlist out of the rotation.

Many players favor Das Haus and Shipment because of their fast pace and the amount of XP that can be gained from playing them consistently.

“For the love of god what is it with CoD developers and taking away good game modes?!” they asked. “And on top of it replacing them with dog water modes like “Up Close and Personal” that features “small maps” like Demyansk and Paradise… If any COD developers see this in the future, take Ship Haus, put it back in the game, and leave it TF alone.”

Bring Back ShipHaus! from CODVanguard

Plenty of other players echoed the OP’s sentiment, asking why it would be removed by the devs.

One player targeted the lack of map choice in the game anyway, saying: “Really they should just allow us to choose what maps we want to play. I shouldn’t have to wait for a playlist or hope I get one of the maps I like to enjoy the game.”

With the player base seemingly unified by their desire to see Ship Haus back in the game, we do expect to see it back soon. Whether it stays, though, is another matter.



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