WoW Shadowlands tier list: Best DPS in 9.1.5

Shadowlands 9.1.5 patch has been live for three months, meaning that there has been a lot of shifting in ranks for DPS. With a total of 24 specs in the role, it can be pretty intimidating when it comes to choosing which one best fits you. That’s why we’ve made it easier by creating a Shadowlands DPS tier list.

In every patch in World of Warcraft, some classes outperform others. This is true for any role, be it healer, tank, or DPS. When it comes to the DPS role, though, the differences can be pretty outstanding due to the sheer number of classes and specs that exist in the game. Therefore, we’ve produced a tier list for you to see who’s been topping the ranks.


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With over 24 options to choose from, who will be the best DPS?

Shadowlands 9.1.5: Best DPS specs ranked

Below we’ve listed all of Shadowlands’ DPS specs from best to worst. This is simply based on popular sites such as Warcraftlogs. Bear in mind, this list will mainly address DPS rankings when it comes to Raid settings, meaning that although a specific spec is good for a number of Raid bosses, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll translate to Mythic Plus.

As always, these are subject to change due to the upcoming 9.2 patch or hotfixes. So, fear not, if your favorite class isn’t towards the top in 9.1.5, that might change soon!

  1. Balance Druid
  2. Arms Warrior
  3. Windwalker Monk
  4. Assassination Rogue
  5. Fire Mage
  6. Subtlety Rogue
  7. Havoc Demon Hunter
  8. Fury Warrior
  9. Frost Mage
  10. Demonology Warlock
  11. Elemental Shaman
  12. Beast Mastery Hunter
  13. Outlaw Rogue
  14. Unholy Death Knight
  15. Marksmanship Hunter
  16. Retribution Paladin
  17. Frost Death Knight
  18. Arcane Mage
  19. Shadow Priest
  20. Affliction Warlock
  21. Feral Druid
  22. Destruction Warlock
  23. Survival Hunter
  24. Enhancement Shaman

Remember, just because you don’t see your favorite damage dealing spec towards the top of the list doesn’t mean you have to go log off and begin anew. At the end of the day, World of Warcraft is meant to be enjoyed. This tier list is simply here to showcase what specs are doing well.

Balance Druid
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Balance Druid is by far the best DPS in Shadowlands.

Best DPS in Shadowlands

Our Shadowlands tier list is separated into specs with S-Tier being the best DPS for patch 9.1.5 while the lowest, C-Tier, is specs that aren’t as favored in general. We’ve broken it down by class and spec while giving a brief synopsis as to why they’re there.


This represents the top-tier DPS specs in Shadowlands 9.1.5. These can be considered as must-haves in any Raid group as their sheer damage and overall usefulness is too good to pass up.

There are certainly several class plus spec combinations that deserve to be in a category like S-Tier, but due to how strong Balance Druid is at the moment, there’s just no other way than to put it alone.

Their burst DPS is off the charts and they have terrific spread AOE. On top of that, Balance Druid is one of the tankiest DPS specs in the game with access to Barkskin and Bear Form. They also bring tons of utility in the form of Innervate for healers, Stampeding Roar for the group, and strong off heals with the Heart of the Wild and Restoration Affinity combo.

Class Specialization
Druid Balance


Like S-Tier, A-Tier represents top-end DPS specs in Shadowlands 9.1.5. They are must-haves in any Raid group but don’t showcase as much sheer dominance as the tier above.

All of these classes are terrific to bring to any Raid composition. They all showcase strong damage, have solid utility, and overall just uplift the whole group. One small caveat though is that some of these are better than others at specific boss fights.

At the end of the day, they excel in most situations but have a few weaknesses in particular encounters.

Class Specialization
Warrior Arms
Windwalker Monk
Rogue Assassination
Mage Fire
Rogue Subtlety
Demon Hunter Havoc
Warrior Fury
Mage Frost
Warlock Demonology
Shaman Elemental
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Plenty of classes in A-Tier are worthy of a spot in a group.


For B-Tier, although not quite as strong as the previous two tiers, specs in this group can definitely hold their own, at times even reaching the upper levels if the stars align and the cards are played right. Some of these could be considered must-haves mainly due to class-specific buffs they bring as well.

Class Specialization
Hunter Beast Mastery
Rogue Outlaw
Death Knight Unholy
Hunter Marksmanship
Paladin Retribution
Death Knight Frost
Mage Arcane
Priest Shadow


Lastly, DPS in C-Tier tend to be below average on mostly any encounter. Can they sometimes shine bright? Certainly. But all in all, they do not compare to the previous three tiers. The DPS in this tier mostly consists of specs for classes that are already represented above. This means that not even a class buff or a class-unique ability should put them in Raid groups.

Class Specialization
Warlock Affliction
Druid Feral
Warlock Destruction
Hunter Survival
Shaman Enhancement

That’s it for our tier list! Although your favorite DPS might not be where you’d want it to be, don’t let it discourage you as with 9.2 inching closer and closer, that might change.

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