12 Best Heartwarming ‘Ted Lasso’ Episodes, Ranked


Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso.Ted Lasso, the Apple TV+ original series released in 2020, certainly was the very needed mid-pandemic comic relief. During darker times, the wholesome show won a lot of people over almost immediately. Adding color and spreading positivity in the lives of thousands while simultaneously delivering a good amount of incredible performances, Ted Lasso eventually became one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows currently running, summing up several Emmys of different categories.

It is nearly impossible not to love Jason Sudeikis’ performance as the inspiring, upbeat, and fun-loving coach, but what makes this comedy show equal parts touching? From the heart-to-heart interview with the famous Trent Crimm (James Lance) to the coziest of Christmases in the Higgins’ household, there are plenty of moving moments in Ted Lasso.

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At its core, the sports show Ted Lasso is a highly emotional and dramatic series, often featuring empowering messages on relevant themes and showcasing the true meaning of a found family. With tons of unforgettable characters who assuredly earned a special place in the hearts of many, the Apple TV+ original has just released its touching and (alleged) final episode. These are a few of the show’s most wholesome.



13 « Trent Crimm: The Independent »

Season 1, Episode 3

Image via AppleTV+

There are many great things about this episode, and Roy (Brett Goldstein) standing up for Sam (Toheeb Jimoh) is definitely one of them. With a genius reverse-psychology type of crafty move, Sudeikis’ character showcases his compassionate nature and subconsciously forces the (adorably) grumpy footballer to take on his leadership role as team captain and confront Jamie (Phil Dunster) himself.

Episode 3 is quite comforting as it adds a pleasant twist on how Ted is perceived by the public eye. Thanks to James Lance‘s dedicated journalist character Trent, who spends an entire day with Lasso and publishes his article on him at night, everyone who was skeptical about Richmond’s new coach eventually realizes just how much of a humble and simple guy he is. Peak example of « don’t judge a book by its cover. »

12 « All Apologies »

Season 1, Episode 9

Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso and Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca Welton talking in
Image via AppleTV+

Rebecca’s (Hannah Waddingham) mischievous plan crumbles after Keeley (Juno Temple) discovers that the character hired a photographer to take her and Ted’s candid pictures. She does what’s right and comes clean to the coach. At the end of the episode, it is Roy who makes a stop at Ted’s house and apologizes for the way he spoke when the coach suggested benching him.

« All Apologies » is an emphasis on the importance of acknowledging mistakes. It also marks the beginning of Rebecca’s redemption arc on the show, as she goes from being forced to apologize to Ted to choosing to make her way to Higgins’ (Jeremy Swift) house and make amends with him as well. On top of this, it tackles the significance of stepping into another person’s shoes when Ted deliberately chooses to forgive his boss as she opens up about her divorce and makes her previous intentions clear.

11 « Mom City »

Season 3, Episode 11

Becky Ann Baker and Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso
Image via Apple TV+

Fans are in for a pleasant surprise in this episode; on top of getting to Lasso’s mother, Dottie (Becky Ann Bake), for the first time after she shows up unannounced, audiences also follow « Mama Lasso » as she spends a day with her son, charming the team off their feet. What’s more, we also get to see Nate (Nick Mohammed) working as a waiter in the restaurant he used to frequent.

There are countless amazing aspects of this episode, but what stands out the most is definitely Ted’s heart-to-heart conversation with his mother, which ultimately helped him make a very important decision. Additionally, Nate was welcomed back by members of the team, and coach Beard (Brendan Hunt) also put in a valuable word about the importance of forgiveness and redemption arcs.

10 « Inverting the Pyramid of Success »

Season 2, Episode 12

The players of AFC Richmond touching the sign
Image via AppleTV+

« Inverting the Pyramid of Success » goes from heartbreaking moments like Ted learning that one of his most trusted mates secretly betrayed him when he was at his weakest, to extremely precious ones like Roy praising Keeley after she reveals that she will be opening her own PR firm.

Aside from Ted’s painful stab in the back, there are great things about this episode: one of them being the way Lasso openly talks about his panic attack in the press conference room and emphasizes the importance of addressing mental health issues in athletics (a great moment that highlights the show’s accurate portrayal of mental health). He also apologizes to Richmond’s footballers for not being forthright with them from the very beginning, accentuating the importance of building trust with each other as a team.

9 « The Diamond Dogs »

Season 1, Episode 8

Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso in The Diamond Dogs
Image via AppleTV+

In a phenomenal episode, Rebecca unexpectedly learns that the former Richmond president bought shares of the club when he shows up at the local pub for negotiation. However, Ted stands up for her instantly, challenging Rupert (Anthony Head) in a badass darts match.

The most epic moment in « The Diamond Dogs » — and arguably in the entire series — is the way that Ted brilliantly deceives Rupert into thinking that he is bad at darts only to end up winning at the end of the final round. He teaches Rebecca’s ex-husband a solid lesson on underestimating people and assuming things about them; on judging instead of being curious and asking questions.

8 « The Long Good-bye »

Season 3, Episode 12

Ted Lasso and Hannah Waddingham in Ted Lasso
Image via Apple TV+

Although this episode counted on a few surprising twists and turns, which lead some fans to frown upon it — especially regarding « TedBecca, » a ship that did not sail to many’s dismay — « The Long Good-bye » is ultimately a heartwarming episode that provides deserved happy endings to everyone involved.

Season 3’s finale made for a very heartfelt but bittersweet episode, as it wasn’t exactly what some members of the audience were expecting: Ted gets to spend more time beside his boy and coach another team in his home country; Ted Lasso‘s Nate the Great is forgiven and welcome to the club again; Beard spends the rest of his time with the love of his life; Roy becomes the club’s coach. All in all, the powerful episode reflected on redemption, the importance of human connection, and doing what you feel is right for you.

7 « Man City »

Season 2, Episode 8

Brett Goldstein and Phil Dunster as Roy Kent and Jamie Tartt hugging in
Image via AppleTV+

At the beginning of emotional « Man City », Sharon (Sarah Niles) gets hit by a car while riding her bike to work. Adorable Ted is obviously the one who picks her up from the hospital, making sure she’s okay all the way home. Later in the episode, Jamie’s dad embarrasses him after the team loses a match; the footballer loses his temper and punches his own blood in front of everyone.

While coming to rescue is a very Ted Lasso move, the latter event is what makes Episode 8 an emotional one; there is a certain tension in the air, but Roy puts rivalry aside and rushes to comfort Jamie, who has undergone a major transformation, with a heartfelt hug. The ending is also incredibly moving. Ted chooses vulnerability and opens up to Doctor Sharon about the death of his father, marking the start of his healing journey.

6 « Do the Right-est Thing »

Season 2, Episode 3

Toheeb Jimoh as Sam Obisanya in
Image via AppleTV+

“Do the Right-est Thing” has to be one of the most relevant episodes on Ted Lasso. Sam decides to withdraw from the Dubai Air campaign, no longer supporting AFC Richmond’s main sponsor after discovering that the company that owns Dubai Air has been linked to the oil spills that destroyed Nigeria’s environment.

From covering the company’s name on his jersey with duct tape before the match begins — which leads his teammates to show support and do the same, including Jamie Tartt himself — to raising awareness on the matter later in the press conference room, Sam is undoubtedly the star of the episode, actively inspiring everyone with his courage and determination.

5 « Make Rebecca Great Again »

Season 1, Episode 7

Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple as Rebecca Welton and Keeley Jones in
Image via AppleTV+

In a very girl power, ladies empowering ladies kind of episode, the cheerful Keeley supports her friend who’s been feeling anxious and lost after her divorce. « Sassy, » Rebecca’s best mate since childhood (Ellie Taylor), also shows up at the place they’re staying. Quickly bonding with Keeley, Flo talks about the « real Rebecca » — the warm, fun-loving side to her that’s revealed at the karaoke bar later on in the episode.

What makes « Make Rebecca Great Again » so good is the way that Rebecca’s struggle is portrayed and the strength that her girlfriends provide her. As the title of the episode suggests, Rebecca embraces her old ways and finds her way back to light again. On the downside, Ted experiences his first panic attack; however, It is extremely touching to see the way Rebecca helps her friend.

4 « Sunflowers »

Season 3, Episode 6

Phil Dunster and Brett Goldstein in Ted Lasso
Image via Apple TV+

Season 3’s sixth episode is, much like « Make Rebecca Great Again, » a cheerful, fun episode involving a group trip. Viewers tag along as the team explores Amsterdam and watch the cast break into smaller units and then break the units down a bit more. From coach Beard getting high to Rebecca having an affair, there is much happening in the course of the episode’s runtime.

But what assuredly makes « Sunflowers » one of the best Ted Lasso episodes is the thoughtful and empowering conversation between Colin (Billy Harris) and Trent, where the two open up about their sexualities. On top of this, Roy and Jamie’s relationship flourishes as the two walk around the town, hunt for windmills, discuss their pasts, and ride the bike together in an extremely wholesome scene. Ted accidentally realizes that an already-existing football technique is just what the team needs to succeed. There are only a few more joyful episodes than this one.

3 « Carol of the Bells »

Season 2, Episode 4

Jason Sudeikis and Hannah Waddingham as Ted Lasso and Rebecca Welton in
Image via AppleTV+

This very jolly episode takes place on Christmas Day, and Ted is set to spend the day face-timing his son, but that doesn’t work out as he initially planned so he thinks he’s doomed to spend the day alone. That is until Rebecca invites him to spread gifts around town with her.

Now, we can all agree that very few things are more heartwarming than an entire episode dedicated to Christmas. From the Richmond team heading over to Higgins’ house to prepare a huge, diversified holiday lunch, to Roy and Keeley consistently trying to find Roy’s niece Phoebe (Elodie Blomfield) a dentist, this episode felt like a warm hug and a pat in the back. Needless to say, Waddingham stole the spotlight with her show-stopping voice.

2 « No Weddings and a Funeral »

Season 2, Episode 10

Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca Welton in
Image via AppleTV+

After Rebecca loses her father, the team attends his funeral to show support. There is a very beautifully written scene where Ted and Rebecca talk about their struggles simultaneously — Ted openly talks about his father’s death, whilst Rebecca reflects on her relationship with her mother.

« No Weddings and a Funeral » is easily one of Ted Lasso‘s most touching episodes, beginning with the way coach Lasso shows up at the church during Rebecca’s speech and breaks the awkward silence, giving her strength to continue. The character starts singing Rick Astley’s « Never Gonna Give You Up » and Ted completes the lyrics, making everyone else hop in and sing with them in a very moving unification. There is something so pure about this show and the concept of never being alone in the world.

1 « The Hope That Kills You »

Season 1, Episode 10

Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso in
Image via AppleTV+

Before the big match against Manchester City, Lasso talks about the importance of hope as he builds a strong, encouraging speech emphasizing the importance of believing. In « The Hope That Kills You, » Roy injures his knee during the game and Richmond ends up losing, even though terribly close to winning.

Once again, Ted does what he’s best at: inspiring his team with his words. There was palpable tension throughout the course of the game, but what makes this episode incredible is the way Ted encourages his players before the match begins and especially after it ends. It is impossible not to be an emotional mess by the end of the episode, yet it is also incredibly moving.

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