Drake’s Heartwarming Tribute To Mom Leaves Fans In Admiration


Drake demonstrated his unwavering love for his mother, Sandi Graham, during a touching moment at his It’s All A Blur Tour in New York City on July 25. The Honestly, Nevermind artist opened the second show at Madison Square Garden with a special performance dedicated to his beloved mom.


Escorting his mother onto the stage, Drake shared an intimate and heartfelt moment with her as he performed the song “Look What You’ve Done” from his acclaimed, sophomore album Take Care. Sitting side by side on a brown leather couch, the rapper held a marble notebook while passionately rapping to his mother.

“Look What You’ve Done” is a tribute to Sandi Graham and his late grandmother and uncle, making the performance even more meaningful. As Drake delivered the heartfelt lyrics, his mother nodded and swayed to the rhythm, visibly moved by her son’s words.

During the performance, Drake turned to his mother and expressed, “You love me, and I love you,” a sentiment that brought tears to her eyes. The heartfelt exchange between mother and son left the audience in admiration, prompting a roar and grand applause.

Fans in attendance took to social media to share their emotions and appreciation for the touching moment. One Twitter user said, “I was there. very special to see.” Another admitted to being moved to tears, stating, “I’m crying.”

Drake’s mother, Sandi Graham, has been a supportive presence in his life and career, appearing in some of his music videos over the years. Their close bond and mutual affection were fully displayed during this unforgettable performance.

Since Drake has been on his It’s All A Blur Tour, he’s been serving gems. Night two of the tour brought excitement as Drizzy brought the well-known artist, actor, songwriter, and producer Lil Yachty to the stage. 

During Mother’s Day 2023 several rappers took to their social media platforms paying tribute to their mommies. Notably, rapper Ice Spice who posted pictures of her mother on her Instagram.



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