Miranda Maverick accuses Priscila Cachoeira of trying to expose her at UFC 291: ‘I hope that the whole world didn’t see me’


Priscila Cachoeira has had some questionable moments inside of the octagon, and Miranda Maverick feels she can now attest to that.

Maverick submitted Cachoeira in the third round in the opening bout of UFC 291 in Salt Lake City. During the fight, there looked to be multiple attempts by Cachoeira of bending the rules — including grabbing the fence, and nearly pulling down Maverick’s top. Maverick reacted to her opponent’s defensive strategies backstage following her victory.

“At some point, you have to say it’s [time to take] a point,” Maverick told MMA Fighting on Saturday. “She stuck her fingers up straight the entire fight pretty much, and there was no chance she was just trying to push me off of her, there were no flat hands. I warned the ref beforehand and I think he did about as good of a job as I’ve seen any ref do.

“I hope that the whole world didn’t see me, but they probably did, and I guess that’s part of the risks of fighting. It was frustrating and it made me go in there that much more angry every round.”

Maverick took the bout on somewhat short notice when she replace Joanne Wood. The 26-year-old entered the bout after losing a decision to Jasmine Jasudavicius a little over a month prior at UFC 289, and dropping three of five inside the octagon.

While Maverick was confident in herself and the matchup, she still was weary of Cachoeira’s reputation.

“I knew she was a heavy hitter, knew she had good hands, knew she could be a bully in the cage,” Maverick said. “I went in there cautious knowing she’s had times that were questionable in her fights — protect my eyes, protect everything, her hands got stuck where they shouldn’t have multiple times, which was frustrating.

“I wanted to soften her up so I didn’t have to worry about anything by the time I went for the submission.”



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