A Girl and Her Guard Dog Has a New Poster and Release Date


There has been a confirmation of the A Girl & Her Guard Dog anime’s release date. The series’ official website confirmed the news.

What is the release date for the A Girl & Her Guard Dog anime series?

A Girl & Her Guard Dog releases September 28. Studio Project No. 9 is behind the animation.

There was also confirmation of the voice cast’s new members. Junya Enoki will voice Minio Tanuki, Mai Nakahara will voice Kaori Sekiya, and Akari Kito will voice the protagonist, Isaku Senagaki.

Nobuhiro Takamoto is directing while Aya Satsuki is composing the soundtrack.

Yomiuri TV, Tokyo MX, and BS Asahi will show the series in Japan. The United Cinemas Toyosu at Tokyo will screen the first two episodes on September 3.

The series was first announced with an October release date. It has been licensed by Crunchyroll for international distribution.

What is A Girl & Her Guard Dog about?

A Girl & Her Guard Dog is a popular shojo manga series. Isaku’s family is very peculiar, and a lot of people don’t want to get near her because of what they do. So, she decides she wants to change in high school and live a normal life, although that comes with its own challenges. However, her bodyguard, Keiya, decides to step in and vows to protect her no matter the circumstances.

The manga is written by Hatsuharu and has eight volumes as of writing.



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