Claudia Oshry sings about weight loss drugs after crying while revealing Ozempic use

Claudia Oshry sang about weight loss drugs while working out after emotionally revealing she was taking Ozempic.

“Ozempic, wegovy, mounjaro. No more sorrow,” she sang along to Ari Dayan’s song “Ozempic Wegovy Mounjaro” as she walked on a treadmill in a video on her Instagram Story Thursday.

“I don’t care about my face, just a little tiny waist. Put that shot in me. Put that shot in me.”

Oshry captioned the video, “Lol.”

The comedian’s witty post comes after she cried while admitting to using Ozempic to achieve her weight loss transformation.

“The reason I’m nervous about sharing [how much I’ve lost] is because I’m ashamed of myself that I got to a place where I had 70 pounds to lose,” she said during Wednesday’s episode of “The Toast” on Patreon.

“I don’t care about my face, just a little tiny waist. Put that shot in me,” she sang on a treadmill.

“I could cry I’m so mad at myself,” the podcaster went on while breaking down into tears.

Oshry, 29, then joked that she never thought she was “that big” because she was “so delusional.”

“Now I look back at pictures and see myself through this new lens and it makes me feel sad. I have very mixed emotions,” she said.

Claudia Oshry smiling
On the comedian opened up about her Ozempic use.

Claudia Oshry at the OK! Magazine Summer Kickoff Party in 2018
“Now I look back at pictures and see myself through this new lens and it makes me feel sad,” she said on her podcast, “The Toast.”

“To be a fat woman is one of the hardest things to do in this world. [But] I feel like I handled it as good as I could have and I’m proud of the fact I was able to have a full life [before losing weight].”

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Throughout the hour-long podcast, Oshry slammed celebrities like Andy Cohen for promoting “fat-phobic and harmful” rhetoric around the Type 2 diabetes drug semaglutide — also known as Ozempic — which the FDA approved for weight loss.

Claudia Oshry at an event
Oshry said she was “ashamed” of herself because she “got to a place where [she] had 70 pounds to lose.”
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Cohen, 55, previously made light of the fact that several stars from the “Real Housewives” franchise were taking the drug to lose weight.

“I think the way influencers, podcasters, Andy Cohen, the way they talk about it is so fat-phobic and so harmful because it’s created this layer of shame,” she said.

In an exclusive statement to Page Six, Oshry said that public figures shouldn’t be “berated” into revealing details about their medical history.

Claudia Oshry at an event
The influencer says stars should not be guilted into admitting they take weight loss drugs.
John Sciulli

“This trend in media and pop culture where people’s private medical information is suddenly required to be discussed is bizarre to me,” she told us Thursday.

“I chose to share my health journey in my own time — not because anyone is entitled to know — but in an effort to destigmatize this drug that has somehow become shameful to take.”

Several other stars have admitted to taking Ozempic to lose weight, including comedian Tracy Morgan, tech guru Elon Musk and “Shahs of Sunset” alum Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi.

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