‘Heart of Stone’ and ‘Painkiller’ Lead Netlix’s Top 10 Charts

The Big Picture

  • Heart of Stone, the action thriller starring Gal Gadot, garnered over 30 million views in its debut weekend, making a significant impact on Netflix.
  • The limited series Painkiller, featuring Matthew Broderick, claimed the top spot on the TV charts, while The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 took second place.
  • Other titles, such as Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir The Movie and Happiness for Beginners, also enjoyed strong viewership numbers during the weekend.

Heart of Stone earned plenty of attention from audiences when it made its debut over the past weekend, as Variety reports that the action thriller starring Gal Gadot managed to score over 30 million views during the past few days. Netflix‘s latest attempt at putting a popular star in front of an action franchise is making an impact, as a limited series starring Matthew Broderick took the top spot on the TV charts. It was a busy weekend for the platform, with plenty of its catalog getting strong viewership numbers.

In the Netflix action-packed adventure, Gadot plays Rachel Stone, a secret agent with a double duty pretending to be a completely different person. The character is introduced as a technician working for the British government, but without any actual experience in the field. But when her team is suddenly threatened, Stone will reveal that she actually works for the Charter, an espionage organization that uses a very sophisticated software to gather enough data for their missions. The machine’s awareness is so accurate that it can almost predict the future based purely of mathematical probability.

Given the immense power it could give anyone who uses it, the software known as “The Heart” was on the radar of every major intelligence organization on the planet. Not even Parker (Jamie Dornan), her most resourceful MI6 teammate, would be able to save Stone from the dangers she was about to face. It would be hard to compare Heart of Stone‘s debut with similar productions, given how when The Gray Man was released last summer, Netflix used to share their data measured in minutes watched, instead of the average number of people who saw the film from start to finish.

Image via Netflix

The Rest of Netflix’s Top 10 for This Week

Besides Heart of Stone scoring an explosive debut for the franchise, there were other titles that enjoyed their own time in the spotlight. Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir The Movie gave a different look at the characters they know and love from the French animated series, taking 5.6 million views over the past couple of days. Happiness for Beginners, a romantic comedy starring Ellie Kemper and Luke Grimes, followed closely behind with 5 million views obtained during the weekend. Even if she won’t be able to play Wonder Woman anymore, it looks like Gal Gadot still has plenty of hits to deliver in her career.

On the TV side of things, as previously mentioned Painkiller took the top spot. Coming in second place was The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, followed by Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 8, Heartstopper Season 2, and Fatal Seduction Season 1. The Witcher Season 3 is still making an impact on Netflix, coming in just outside the top five, in sixth place.

You can now catch Heart of Stone on Netflix, and check out Crumpe’s interview with Gal Gadot below:

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