Microsoft Is Now Selling Controller Parts To Repair Your Broken Pads


Repairability has become a popular issue in tech and gaming spaces, and it seems that Microsoft has decided to apply the concept to its controllers. The company has started selling controller parts on its online store for its Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller, as well as its standard Xbox Wireless Controller.

Xbox Insider project lead Brad Rossetti posted about the program on Twitter, and it’s been active for about a week now. The storefront includes a variety of different options depending on your controller’s issue, from replacement input PCBA’s to button assemblies and top and bottom cases. However, it is worth noting that the color options are currently black or white, so if you have a controller in a fun color pattern, you might be out of luck.

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This new push also comes with downloadable instructions for fixing your Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. However, those instructions state at the top that they require « moderate technical skill » and « are suited for enthusiasts, professionals, or those with prior experience in electronic disassembly. » As such, if you feel out of your depth, it might be worth getting some help elsewhere.

As noted by The Verge, Microsoft made an agreement with the advocacy group As You Sow back in 2021 to « look into » helping customers with right-to-repair issues. Several tech companies have proceeded in this direction as blue states have begun passing right-to-repair laws, including Minnesota. One is currently pending a vote in California, as well.

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