Priscila Cachoeira responds to Miranda Maverick’s UFC 291 accusations: ‘It wasn’t my intention to fight dirty with you’


Miranda Maverick submitted Priscila Cachoeira in the third round of their flyweight showdown at UFC 291 in Salt Lake City, and she wasn’t happy with some of the alleged antics used by the Brazilian inside the octagon.

Miranda told MMA Fighting that she “went in there cautious knowing [Cachoeira] had times that were questionable in her fights.” Miranda also accused Cachoeira of grabbing the fence and nearly pulling down her top.

Cachoeira told MMA Fighting in a text message that she was not planning on responding to the comments, but ultimately decided to share DMs she sent to Maverick on Instagram.

“I truly am very upset to read all this,” Cachoeira wrote in Portuguese. “You’re a great warrior and know how hard we work to be in there. You did your strategy well and won with excellence, congratulations Miranda. We spoke after the fight at the hotel and all, but [for you] to try to tarnish my image accusing me of something you know I really had no intention to harm you, quite the opposite even, I asked the referee to take my hand off because it was stuck in your top. It wasn’t my intention to fight dirty with you.

“You had my respect, but I was very upset with your lack of humbleness and for not recognizing a true warrior that works hard to be where she is. I have a son that depends on me, my mother depends on me, and I fight to provide for a family that comes from poor origins. Don’t say something that didn’t happen only to get media. Be humble and honest, that’s how you’ll become world champion. I’m here cheering for you. Success.

“I won’t respond to the media that is reaching out to me for an answer, you and I know the truth of the facts and that’s enough for me. Be well. You have potential to become champion, stay strong.”

She added that Maverick has responded to her comments via DM, writing “I hope it all goes well with your family and wish you success. God bless.”

Cachoeira dropped to 12-5 as a professional fighter with the defeat, snapping a two-fight win streak over Ariane Lipski and Ji Yeon Kim.

Maverick, a one-time Invicta FC tournament winner, now holds the exact same overall MMA record of 12-5, having won five of eight since joining the UFC.



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