Road crew paints stripe over dead raccoon on Memphis street

This raccoon got a new stripe — postmortem.

A city road crew in Memphis apparently painted a line right over a dead raccoon that was lying in the street, according to a report.

Richie EsQuivel told WREG he had to do a double-take when he saw the roadkill covered with a fresh line of white paint on the shoulder on Getwell Road.

He got out of the car and took a picture of the strange sight.

“The animal was maybe there for a few days by the looks of it. It’s pretty big and hard to miss,” EsQuivel told the outlet.

A spokesperson for the city said that crews will remove the dead critter on Friday morning. 

“It’s funny how much attention the picture is getting,” said EsQuivel.

A curious citizen snapped a picture of a dead raccoon with a painted white line over it in Memphis.
Richie EsQuivel

“It’s kinda sad that they just striped over a dead animal. I would assume they have a street sweeper machine come through before they did a job that big, but who knows.”

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