The Last Resort’s Angela Prepares for Divorce From Michael


Angela Deem outlined her game plan for 90 Day: The Last Resort after husband Michael Ilesanmi‘s infidelity.

“I hate to question Michael’s love because that is something I believed in for so long. But when he did the unthinkable — of cheating — my big question is, ‘Did he ever love me?’ I really hope that therapy will at least get us started on the right track,” Angela explains in an Crumpe exclusive sneak peek from the Monday, August 14, premiere of the TLC series. “I know you can’t do a miracle overnight but I am praying that he acknowledges he has a problem. And if he does that then maybe we can’t stay married.”

The reality star says she already had a plan in place if Michael didn’t try to salvage their relationship.

“I know I told him in the past that it is done and [we are] over. But honestly, this is the last straw because he didn’t cheat in the past. I never thought he would do that. He will say he is sorry but he is not. He is sorry he got caught. Hopefully these two weeks he will be sorry in his heart,” she continues. “And you know what I hate to say? I hope I see tears in this therapy. I have not seen them yet. I will tell you how serious I am, I came prepared.”

Angela’s participation on 90 Day: The Last Resort marks her last attempt to mend their issues.

Angela Deem Bring Divorce Papers With Her Amid Issues With Michael Ilesanmi

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi

“This is why it is different. I brought divorce papers,” she reveals in the clip. “This [is] where I will sign and the divorce will be final because he is not here to protest it so there is nothing he can do. Michael doesn’t know about these but it is a pen away from signing. I don’t want to sign them, I pay I don’t have to but he better pray he does the right thing.”

90 Day: The Last Resort will follow five couples from the franchise who have reached a breaking point in their relationships. Their trip to the couples retreat is the last chance for the TLC personalities to fix their problems or call it quits.

Before 90 Day: The Last Resort premiered on TLC, Angela discussed her decision to save her marriage on screen.

“I had triggers. I never even knew what that word meant. I bitch and raised hell because I get triggers, especially from my husband Michael, like, he’ll trigger me because he lies so much,” she told Entertainment Tonight on Monday, August 7. “And little lie, big lie, doesn’t matter to me. You know, some people will just say it’s a little lie, to me a lie is a lie, like, we all lie, right? Then you lie to someone you love, that makes me furious.”

Angela also addressed the challenges that came with Michael’s virtual participation in their therapy sessions.

“On one hand, it was really really, really great,” she continued. “At least he was there, you know, but at the end what really got me at the end of the night when everybody got to go home or into the hotels with their partners or at least beside their partners, I didn’t. That’s when the trouble really came because I’ve had everybody’s husbands on my back porch and all the women getting their beauty sleep. I’m like, what the hell’s going on here?”

90 Day: The Last Resort premieres on TLC Monday, August 14 at 9 p.m.



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