Best Tactics and Ideas to Rank Up Faster in Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most famous gaming projects related to shooting and location survival in the battle royale genre. The project is known for its construction mechanics, which allow you to instantly build and destroy a large number of fortifications to any height and length, which adds special combat dynamics and new options for surviving and destroying enemies for a more stable and secure Fortnite boosting rank.

Factors that influence your progress and development in Fortnite

A system in which many players compete with each other and strive to take first place cannot select several winners – there will always be one. But not to underestimate the merits and efforts of other players, not only winning a match can provide a rating boost in Fortnite, or its retention without loss for bad or mediocre results.

An important role is played by the time of your survival in the arena and the number of kills that you can complete during this time, even if you do not win the match.

This is how the system understands your effectiveness and understanding of the game and your willingness to compete against more difficult opponents and enjoy the gameplay, rather than constantly dying in the early stages and losing interest in the project.

Essentially, to lose a Fortnite rank, you need to die in the early stages – while practicing shooting and landing in locations where there is constant chaos and a lot of players, where it is almost impossible to survive, or at least very difficult.

If you want to maintain your rank without losing or improving it, you need to survive the first and second stages of narrowing the game map, or shoot up to 5 frags, then you will simply remain the same, even if you die in the middle of the match.

If you want to progress in the Fortnite rank, then you need to survive all possible stages and even if you don’t kill enemies, then survive as long as possible and get closer to the top 1, at least be on the list of those close to this status.


If you want to increase your safety and survival, then you need to ensure that you land correctly, learn to quickly look through containers to find the best weapons.

Next, you just need to avoid unfavorable battles and engage in battle only when there is a good chance of getting a kill.

Just wait until the first contraction of the playing area indicates the direction of the future movement of the entire map and go there.

It is precisely because of the random selection of the place where the final battle will ultimately take place in a small drawn arena that you should never choose a landing zone on the outskirts of the game map, because if you are unlucky and the point is chosen in another part of the map, you will simply be forced to flee through all territories, at the risk of encountering a large number of opponents and dying either from a random bullet or from a shrinking zone, which constantly reduces the health of all players who do not have time to reach the safe zone.

Survival does not mean that you should be afraid of every sound and enemy, because playing like this is simply not interesting and spends too many emotional resources, besides, each match takes place according to a unique scenario.

In some places you will die right away, and in others you will go through the entire match and take first place, or close to it, which will provide a cheap rank boost in Fortnite.

Just remember the consequences of your decisions, especially in the final stages of the match and just don’t engage in useless fights and always have a supply of ammo, grenades and medicine for your gameplay, so that you always have a restored character, ready for new challenges. Don’t forget about materials for construction, because you never know when you will have to engage in battle with enemies.


There are many types of weapons in Fortnite that have different characteristics and rates of fire, but it is important for you to look not only at their type, but also at the level of quality.

The same weapon will have stronger parameters if found, for example, in Mythic or Legendary quality, especially if it is an assault or sniper rifle.

Often the best weapons need to be found towards the end of the game, but in reality it all depends on luck.

It happens that a player is simply lucky to find a legendary rifle from the very first container, or does not see anything valuable during the entire match, but fortunately in Fortnite there are many opponents with different luck, and you can always collect more valuable loot after a kill, and it doesn’t matter whether it was committed – You, or other players.

You can also hunt for an airdrop, but remember the survival section – you can easily lose your life there from a sniper, but if successful, the container will most likely contain a weapon of legendary quality.


If you want safe gameplay, then simply land near a couple of small houses away from large cities and locations and collect drops, and then wait for the first narrowing of the game map to understand the future direction.

If you want action and shooting, then land in large locations – you will often die and kill enemies and thus learn to quickly make decisions and shoot accurately, which in the future will have a positive effect on your rank in Fortnite.

If you want stability without bias in one side of the gameplay, then simply look for a weapon and take a position to destroy opponents at the first opportunity, and then go to the safe zone and so on each time until the arena itself leads you to the place of the final battle.

Just keep a close eye on your surroundings, look for ways to upgrade your weapons, and rack up kills that, combined with your overall survival time, will help improve your Fortnite rank even if you don’t win your match. Don’t forget about grenades and medicine so that you always start a new battle with a fully restored hero.

Conclusion on strategies in Fortnite

To increase your percentage of victories and survival, you need to comprehensively master the skill of landing, quickly collecting loot and weapons, and moving correctly in order to survive the first stage of chaos, when most of the players will kill each other. Next, you need to always be in a circle and not flatter yourself into battle unnecessarily, and also listen carefully to your surroundings.

You don’t have to win every time, just get into the top ten and then your rank will either increase or remain in the same position, which is also quite good for ranked matches.

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